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Payment for accommodation is either cash or credit card (we accept Mastercard and Visa). If you are staying in Windhoek for a long period, we offer special discounted rates for accommodation, just ask.

Prices are quoted in Namibia Dollars which has the same value as the South African Rand. In fact, both South African Rand and Namibia Dollars are legal tender in Namibia.

Private Rooms & Tents
For the more discerning traveller who does not want to run the risk of sharing a dormitory with the Swedish Synchronised Swimming Team. Prices are per room, NOT per person.

  • Single - N$500 per night
  • Twin - N$500 per night
  • Double - N$500 per night
  • Triple room - N$620 per night
  • Quad room - N$750 per night
   NB! A breakfast of coffee and pancakes is included in the price!

What backpacking is all about; meeting loads of people, having a drink and a chat and then finally bedding down to the subtle roar of their snoring. Namibia at its finest!!!!

  • Dorm (6 or 8 person room) - N$170 per person
   NB! A breakfast of coffee and pancakes is still included in the price!

Camping is available in the back yard for N$110 per night. There are limited places and it is not possible to book, show up and try your luck!

   NB! A breakfast of coffee and pancakes is, incredibly, still included in the price!


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